Welsh size
riding ponies
40." Gelding
Taffy is a very gentle pony. He rides well.
SOLD 4/13 to Alyssa--Wharton, Tx
40."  2002-Gelding
Welsh Mountain Pony
Grant is a very nice looking, gentle gelding.  He is very
sensitive on the ground, but saddles and rides calm.   Great
English prospect.
Sold 9/13 to Sandy - Victoria, Tx.
44."  2004 Welsh Mare
Mona is gentle also and rides really well. She is a
beautiful welsh mare.  Mona is for sale
Sold 9/13 to Sandy-Victoria, Tx.
40."-- Mare
Very sweet and gentle, excellent mother.  Not
for sale at this time.
Most of these ponies belong to my sister,
Sue.  They are her projects and she uses
the Clinton Anderson "METHOD" and gets
great results!!  
14-H -- 1998 Mare
Brownie is very gentle and rides very well.  She has plenty of go to
her and may be more suitable for an experienced child.  She was
ridden by a 7yr old before our 12yr old Macee.  Supposedly trained
for barrels/poles before we  had her but not sure.
Sold 9/13 to Sandy, Victoria, Tx.
Princess D
13 H -- 1997? Mare
Princess was a rescue mare and the age is my Veterinarian's best
guess--"Mid-Teens".  She rides Okay - plow reins, plenty of pep and
is gentle with absolutely no buck or rear. Loves to be groomed. A
great "leadline" pony.
SOLD---Wadsworth, Tx