Rabbit Hutch Charro's Champion
AMHA-75437 / AMHR-75123A
50% Arenosa by
Flying W Farms Charro of Arenosa and an English import mare,
Hippominimus Jenna. A size reducer!!
Meeker's Splashtacular
AMHA-A44746 / AMHR-86513A
Splash was sired by
Hobby Horses Patches Patchwork and his dam was Evans Susie Q.
He sires very flashy and uniquely marked foals and most have blue eyes.
Booker's Sho-Boy of Dixie
Foundation Certified #4675
AMHR-279087A / ASPC-156705A / AMHA-A198620
Linebred Gold Melody Boy.  Both his sire,
Booker's Snow King of Dixie, and his dam,
My Golden Toy's Lady Bird, are triple registered as well.  A big "Thank You" to Wayne
Booker of Old Mulberry Hill Farm for allowing us to own this great little stallion.
RHR Charro's Espiritu of Arenosa
Foundation Certified #4325
AMHR-297480B / ASPC-159283
Espiritu is 100% Arenosa and a 100% pinto sire!! His sire is
Kewpie's Charro of
and his dam is Kewpie's Esperanza of Arenosa.  Both parents were bred by
Audrey Barrett!!
R Bar C's Primo El Chico
Foundation Certified #5056
AMHR-304548T / ASPC-160421 / AMHA-A-212916
Chico is very small and
100% Arenosa. His sire is a son of Kewpie's Klassic Kreation and
out of an Arenosa mare.  His dam is an own daughter of
Kewpie's Charro of Arenosa and
out of
Kewpie's Estrellita of Arenosa, bred by Audrey Barrett!!
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changes and new additions.  ENJOY !!!
Walking Ds Royal Sho-Prince
Foundation Cert. #6616
ASPC-165817 / AMHR-332391T / AMHA-226481
Prince is just that. A great gentle disposition and will throw color for sure. He is
sired by
Booker's Sho-Boy of Dixie, intense Gold Melody Boy on topside and out
Royal Golden Iris, Royal Pony farm on the bottom. Will sire intelligent, colorful
babies that will be small and elegant!