Doberman Pinscher's
This is my Doberman Page.  All of my Doberman's are
AKC registered.  I have raised several "rainbow" litters.  
They are all great family pets!!  
Walking D's Bodacious Beau
dob.6/20/07. 26.5" / 82 lbs.
Beau is my main stud Doberman.  He is also    
my best friend.  He is red/rust and is very well
behaved and loves people. Beau has Hoytt         
bloodlines and he sires wonderful  tempered
puppies of all 4 colors!
R.I.P. 10/18/18
Walking D's Blue Belle
dob.9/10/08.  25.5" / 80 lbs.
BB  is a georgeous blue/rust female with a
fantastic coat to boot!!  She has a colorful
pedigree.  We have had great puppies from her
and Beau, all 4 colors in each litter!!!
R.I.P. 12/8/18
Heidi &
Taken 7-14 at 3 weeks old
Click on pictures for pedigree.
Beau being silly!
Vixen Annie of Shady Lane Meadows
dob.3/2/09.  26." / 88 lbs.
Annie is a very pretty and sweet girl.  She produces
rainbow litters as well. She does carry the Albino/White
4 weeks old
BB & Beau
Reign and Beau's .
June 14,   Annie & Beau
Walking D's Big Red Rio
dob.2/10/14.     27."/ 85 lbs.
Rio is a very loyal pup.  He is tall and lanky,
I can't wait for his frame to fill out.  He has
all four colors in his pedigree. He sires very
large puppies.
Walking D's Greta Von Beau
dob. 1/31/14    26.5"/ 88 lbs
Greta was whelped here and is by Beau and
Annie.  She is a very large girl and loves
attention.  She is very inquisitive and
investigates any and everything!!  She gets
along well with other animals and children.
Greta & Rio
Beau                         Rio
Walking D's Reds Rogue
Rogue is the last pup from Blue Bell and the first
litter of Rio. Her ears were trimmed during
"Harvey" and I wasn't able to pay much
attention to them so they don't stand. Hope she
will be at least half the dog her Momma as!