Walking D Minis
Hi.  My name is Brenda.  I live in South Central
Texas on a small, but wonderful ranch.  I have many
animals as well as four boys and a great husband.  I
have miniature horses, Ponies, Boston Terriers,
Doberman Pinschers, cows, fainting goats, pot belly
pigs, chickens and parakeets.  I guess you could say
that my ranch is a small  farm.  This site is intended
to give you the opportunity to experience a little bit of
my world.  I love my Miniature horses and Arenosa
Shetland ponies. I devote countless hours and days to
their training and care. I breed, raise and train my
animals for family enjoyment as well as a few shows.
Bunny and Eloise Pearl's, Rabbit Hutch Ranch,
minis and shetlands are here for their much deserved
retirement as well.
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Fainting Goats